Danyelle (Dany) Walker

Grifter, curio, sweet-talker, smooth and intreguing.



1) Anastasia Smythe – New Executive with the Hilton Chain (3 pt spend to create her)
– Benefit: Vacilli @ the Esplinate in Zagreb
2) Loraina – “escort” (2 pt spend to create her)


1) Stephen Higgens – Ex-Handler at the CIA (5 pt spend for this Network)


Danyelle loved acting and dressing up at a young age and she excelled at it. While doing a play for her University Theater, Dany was drafted by the CIA to assist them in deep undercover operations.

The lifestyle of an agent didn’t sit well with Dany. She never liked lying to people but her handler told her that sometimes it was necessary. However, for Danyelle, the killing wasn’t.

Her life in the CIA didn’t last long however, when her mother fell ill. Danyelle had to go home to take care of her young sister.

Now that her sister was grown and starting her own life, Danyelle could get back to the thing she loves most, acting. And hopefully be able to save some lives in the process.

Danyelle (Dany) Walker

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